Mission Statement

To promote safety on New Mexico highways by providing law enforcement traffic services to the motoring public, to ensure the safe and legal operation of commercial motor vehicles and to prevent the introduction of illicit contraband into New Mexico while facilitating trade.”

This mission is accomplished by enforcing the State Criminal Code, Motor Transportation Act, Motor Vehicle Code and federal/state commercial motor vehicle safety regulations as adopted by the New Mexico Administrative Code. The division also conducts enhanced radiological inspections on all Waste Isolation Pilot Project (WIPP) shipments originating or entering the state, as well as, route control of hazardous material shipments.

Statewide Regulatory and Enforcement Activities


  • Safety Inspections on commercial motor vehicles and drivers
  • Hazards materials inspections
  • Traffic Enforcement
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Undercover Operations
  • Accident investigations and reconstructions
  • Crash reduction initiatives
  • Radiological and nuclear monitoring and detection
  • Compliance reviews (safety audits)
  • Intrastate Compliance Review Safety Ratings
  • Size and weight enforcement
  • Permit & tax compliance
  • Training of MTP & Motor Carrier Personnel

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Emergency Dial 911

To Report an Unsecured Load

  • 1 (866) 630-5623

MTP Recruitment

  • 1 (866) 683-4529

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